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Real Estate Agent Lakeland | Elliott & Eijo Real Estate Group | John-Michael Elliott

John-Michael Elliott & Richard Eijo are top real estate agents in Lakeland, Florida and have been helping people realize their dreams of home ownership for many years.

We have been providing real estate services in Polk County, Florida for over 15 years and were originally founded with the purpose of offering top-notch service with a down-to-earth, personal touch in the area. Every single time we step onto a property we treat it as if it was our own.

We have been successful and have become one of the most respected Lakeland real estate groups since we started because of high quality customer service, knowledge of the local real estate industry and consistently delivering results to our clients.

On our website you will find featured listings in Lakeland and surrounding areas, be able to subscribe to new listing alerts, search homes for sale based on the community you want to live in and seek professional financial guidance when beginning the home-buying process.

We also offer a full search form where you can list exactly what you are looking for including minimum and maximum price, number of bedrooms, amount of square footage, number of bathrooms and more. This adds to our belief that the home buying journey should be made as smooth as possible!

Additionally, we offer professional property management services in the Lakeland area. From resources like available rentals, management services offered as well as tenant documents, online payments and maintenance requests, we make it extremely easy for you to feel comfortable with us looking after you and your real estate investment.

About Lakeland, FL

Lakeland is situated roughly in the middle of Orlando and Tampa Bay and with a population of 100,710 it is the biggest city in Polk County. Polk County has a population of 602,095 and comprises the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was originally founded in 1875 and became incorporated as a city 10 years later in 1885.

The city is well-known for the many lakes throughout the city. There are 38 lakes that have names while additional bodies of water are unnamed. Many residents in Lakeland use the city’s lakes as reference points, just as people would use road names.

The largest city on the Interstate 4 (I-4) highway between Tampa Bay and Orlando, Lakeland’s economy relies heavily on phosphate mining, cattle and citrus.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakeland,_Florida

Lakeland Real Estate

The median sale price for a home in Lakeland in March 2016 was $139,700, up $2,000 from March 2015 and $14,000 from the same month in 2014. Median sale prices are continuing to rise in area although very gradually.

Currently, the average value on a home is $125,700 and has experienced a 9.7% increase over the previous 12 months. According to Zillow, the value is predicted to go up 4.9% over the next year.

A report from City-Data.com calculated the mean prices for homes in Lakeland. The study was conducted in 2013 but with minimal price increases the last two years is a good indication of current prices:

  • All housing - $134,657
  • Detached - $166,231
  • Townhouses/attached units - $107,750
  • 2-unit buildings - $132,408
  • 3-4 unit buildings - $52,642
  • 5+ unit buildings - $105,174
  • Mobile homes - $28,606
  • Boats/vans/RV’s - $74,831
  • Gross rent - $850 per month

Why a Lakeland real estate agent?

With so many options in today’s world you may have thought to yourself “why do I need a real estate agent?”

A Lakeland real estate agent can be of benefit to you in a number of ways. In addition to potentially saving you thousands of dollars, you will get the benefit of using our industry experience and education to help you get the best deal. You aren’t expected to understand the ins and outs of the real estate industry and we are more than happy to use the tools we’ve learned to help you out so you don’t have to worry.

We also have great knowledge of all the neighborhoods and surrounding communities. We can compare prices as well as offer information on local schools, past crimes and demographics. Our professional connections is another benefit to you as we have developed solid relationships with people you could require services from throughout the process.

When it’s time to negotiate a price and/or terms on a purchase, we’ll take charge. We have closed many deals and have experienced nearly everything there is to experience in a negotiation, so you know you will be getting the best. Once the deal is closed, we’ll also take care of all the paperwork that comes with the purchase or sale of a home. Purchase agreements can be in excess of 10 pages and even the smallest mistake could result in a loss of thousands of dollars.

Check out this great article on the Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent: http://www.mylakelandhome.com/contact-form

At Elliott and Eijo Real Estate Group, we are driven by our passion to provide a place where people in Lakeland want to go. Our fantastic customer service combined with our personal touch is sure to provide you with the confidence to move forward.

If you are ready to sell a home, have your investment property professionally managed or move into that dream home you’ve always wanted, get in touch with a top real estate agent in Lakeland – us! For more information or to contact us, go here.